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Minneapolis to New York flights

Minneapolis to New York flights


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*Note: All fares are quoted in USD.
Last updated on Thu May-16-2024 at 05:00 AM, the fares mentioned above are for Round Trip flight tickets and inclusive of fuel surcharges, Privacy policy. Based on historical data, these fares are subject to change without prior notice and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking. Kindly go through our terms and conditions before booking.

Minneapolis to New York flights

If you are planning your leisurely trip from MSP to JFK, then Ticketofares is the best-ever flight booking website that delivers cost-effective flight tickets all over the world. We sell domestic as well as international flight tickets. Here, we provide a hassle-free flight booking process. Ticketofares is been granted to be a reliable flight booking platform for your msp to New York.

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The lowest airfare is $168, and the average is $193. Well, these prices are not specific and may fluctuate. So it’s better to book your Msp to new york ticket whenever you get confirmation of your date and time.

About New York 

New York City is the borough of the five cities: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan Queens, and Staten Island. New York is also one of the global centers of finance, commerce, culture, and technology. The city is remembered for its idyllic attractions and exquisite grandeur, as New York is known as “the Big Apple.”.

The most visited attractions in New York 

Time of Square 

New York is recognized for its iconic attractions, bustling commercial and entertainment hub, and famous bright lights, especially at night. This place draws the attention of millions of tourists all around the world.

The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty represents love and dignity as well as the symbol of freedom from slavery. This statue represents the relationship between France and America. However, it is called Lady, who holds a torch in her hand.

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is an architectural marvel and a marvelous iconic destination in New York. The Empire State Building, established in between the famous buildings of America, is renowned for its popularity as it is America’s favorite architectural structure. 

Fifth Avenue 

Fifth Avenue is located beside the area between 49th and 60th Streets in Manhattan. This fifth avenue, one of the most expensive shopping districts on earth, offers you a picturesque view of the street in the morning and the evening, while at night.

Carnegie Hall 

This is the concert venue Hall in midtown Manhattan, Carnegie Hall. This hall is popular for its iconic and exotic Renaissance history. Here you will find the most prestigious institutions in the world.

American Museum of Natural History

This American Museum is situated on the upper west side of Manhattan. This museum is the best institution for people as well as kids to experience the Renaissance of history. Artificial Skeletons of the Dinosaurs are placed here for exhibitions. 

New York Airport Information  

John F.kennedy International Airport 

Queens, NY 11430, USA 


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