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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of ", which has some of the major commands to instruct as protective through our website's strong alliances. In this privacy policy, we have described to you what type of information we require and how we can use your personal information for

Info about the Policy

On this website

This Privacy Policy is the agreement between the user & the operator.

Via our website

What type of information we require

We suppose to requires: -

We collect some personal type of the information from through which you can book your flight only that type of information we require.



Date of Birth
Resident Address
Email and Mobile Number

Credit Card Details

We does not share any type of your personal information; we do take your privacy as the main concern.

How we Utilize your Private Data?

The aforementioned information is only gathered when a user, client, or traveller requests it for later use. In order to record your booking as a permanent user, we need your personal information. Even so, in order to inform you of the new discounts and booking alerts for promotions, we do require a booking.

Right To collect Personal Information

By accepting the concern, the terms to be stated are that we may collect and store your personal information as long as you have to subscribe to or use our services that are subjected to the following.

We have set limitations on the privacy policy information that we have to emphasise, something that you, as a user, have to maintain while using our website.

When you are downloading, installing, or using any of our services, we may also receive information about you from third parties (ex., our affiliate partners). We at have also made a cookie policy to follow as the user reacts to our website.

CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. (CCPA) gives consumer more control over the personal information that business collect about them and then the CCPA regulations enhances guidance on how to establish the law.

  • The right to acknowledge about the personal information a business collects about them and how it is used and shared.
  • The right  to  delete  personal information collected  from the  them ( with some  exceptions
  • The right to  opt out of the scale  or sharing  of their personal information
  • The right to non-negotiate for exercising their CCPA rights.     

Third-Party Services

In order to improve your user experience, may make use of third-party services like payment processors or analytics software. The terms of service and privacy policies of these third-party services could differ. Before utilising their services through our website, we advise you to study their policies.

How we protect your information

While asking for your personal information, we ensure that you do not maintain physical measures designed to protect your information.

When we transmit your personal information, we make sure that it does not come into contact with any third party.

Thus, we only imply it to your second party. Moreover, we use encryption to protect the data.

Henceforth, we only specifically assigned a few of the customers to this work, and all of them are trusted.

We use intrusion to detect systems and firewalls to prevent such information, and they perhaps do so only for permitted business functions.

Contact us

For more inquiry & update you can contact to us at our official mail id [email protected] or you can ask for direct assistance on call at this number +1-888-819-5214.


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We, ticketofares, are not responsible for any kind of errors or any mishaps done with your private data. Our website has been inversely connected with various types of hyperlinks, and those hyperlinks depict other website content; thus, we have no more control over their content and no idea what type of content they are franchising. Plus, we do not take liability for any types of content linked to other websites that we do not represent. We suggest that you not tap on those hyperlinks, as they redirect you to the next page and can misuse your data. Your correspondence or mode of dealing with any involvement of the advertisers on the site. Either we or our affiliates will not be responsible for any kind of loss that is incurred to your data. For information, go through our terms and conditions.

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